Win Custody of Your Child

Child custody cases deserve greater scrutiny by the courts, and victory should always favor the best interest of the child. The method of determining the Best Interest or Welfare of the child is a grueling process that does not guarantee any sure result for the principal bread winner-whether mother or father. For those involved, it is essential that you prepare before the custody mediation and/or custody hearing. There are important steps in this preparation:

Three Important Financial Documents
Bank statements, payment journals or payment slips, and investment reports would be the likely documents the court will review. It is important to organize these documents in a systematic way to tell the most authentic and truthful story about what your finances can provide for the child or children. This systemic layout should include hard copies and/or electronic files for flash drive sharing with your attorney.
Choose the Right Lawyer
There are several ways to select a lawyer and most people would recommend the yellow pages, bar association recommendations, or word of mouth referrals from friends. The internet is an instrument that makes the research for a lawyer easier, but we recommend you look for a lawyer with two important characteristics:
1. Their practice is consistent with your values;
2. The track record of courtroom success or mediation wins

Understand Your Child’s Future
Oftentimes, the process of custody can seem transactional with an itemized list of the expenses related to raising your child properly. Maintaining a log is imperative whether it’s itemized on a list or tracked in a calendar. This is the transaction of custody, but the true value of the custody negotiations lies in the vision of your child’s future and the daily expenses required meeting or exceeding that vision. The basic needs are often basic but sometimes in child custody arrangements, the needs should also consider the individual heart of a child’s destiny. Those costs need to be factored into the child’s story and these line items as well.

Don’t Let Past Dogs Bite You
You can’t change the past, but you can always put the best face on the learning from those experiences. What’s in your past should not be in your present if it is shady. Regardless of the source or the reason, those past deeds must be addressed in the onset of negotiations with the appropriate steps shared with the attorney. This way the attorney can be the best advocate with the judge and/or in mediation. If there is a situation that resolves itself more favorably in the future, you are positioned to bring the updated information to your attorney. This will allow your lawyer to present the new information to the court in a way that you can gain an additional review of the updated circumstances.

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