Lobbying still works for business!

Having an understanding of how the government works and government policies are critical for the success of any business in the US. Government relations law is the process of influencing government and public policy at all levels including locally and federally. The process of influencing the government on public policy is done through lobbying. Lobbying involves advocating for your interest affected or could potentially be affected in the future by the policy decisions made by government.

The lobbying process is the ideal channel to seek redress when your rights are infringed or when the implementation of policies can result in hardship. For example the government might implement a new tax package which is unfavorable for owners in the hotel industry; the affected parties can come together as a group to advocate for their interest to seek to have the new tax package adjusted. The lobbyers concentrate their efforts on the legislators because they are the policy makers in government.

Lobbying is important part of business strategy—a means to be heard instead of being stifled or subjected to adverse policy decisions made by legislature at any level—local, state, or federal. Lobbying has become a phenomenon in Washington where there are there thousands of firms registered for that purpose which specialize in government relations law. The Asian Indian population is filled with movers and shakers who have begun to organize their interest in order to lobby for their interest and make changes in this society. Successful lobbying also depends on the influence of the attorney– great reputation, a proven track record of success with the ability to translate your issue into a cause that can build alliances and win votes.

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