Suing is an Option

Litigation law is a cliché and a reality in the U.S. Some say it is a culture where ambulance chasers thrive and lying has tacit approval if it makes a quick dollar If you are in business or life throws you a curve ball, make no apology for having your attorney on speed dial. Litigation without representation equates to suicide.


One sector where the demands and the trend for lawsuits equally co-exist is the service sector. This is a segment where the Asian Indian community has strong representation—from owning businesses to professional areas such as being a doctor, accountant, financial representative and more. The common bond that the service sector enjoys is the outcome of being very customer oriented and success relies on the satisfaction of customers and employees. However, this goal isn’t always met for many reasons, but those who experience a failure as customers, and even dissatisfied employees, believe in their right to sue.


Business owners and medical practitioners are constantly faced with lawsuits ranging from malpractice to negligence or wrongful termination. At the drop of a hat someone may file a lawsuit for what some describe as one of the most frivolous incidents causing financial distress. Lawsuits can be costly, time consuming and damaging. The litigation process for anyone is an unwanted hassle which distracts you from your business or profession. However, if an owner must go through the litigation process, a reputable and capable attorney should always to be chosen to look out for your rights and to avoid unwanted compensation to the other party.


Three important elements of a litigation law attorney profile that you should seek include:

  • Operating on All Levels. Look for one who knows the state laws and/or federal statutes related to the dispute so they use loopholes or special features in the case to achieve the best result. No one should ever be in a litigation matter and not have any form of representation to protect their interest.
  • Faces Complexities. Understands the complexities of the law but they are trained and capable to guide the client through muddled waters to ensure your success.
  • Understands the Best Route. Recommends settlement out of court where it may be judicious and less expensive to take that path.


Litigation is always a frustrating process, but with a competent attorney guiding you it may be a little less stressful and a lot less expensive.

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